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CHROMEO - "Bonafied Lovin"

"let me tell you that i saw your boyfriend walking down the road

he was standing all shakey, couldn't even look and i was extra cold

I might as well take a minute or two to talk about the perks

'cause you can't compete with a man like me, and that's just how it works


this comes as no surprise

what you need is an older guy, with a little bit of life experience, the right clothes and the right appearance

oh girl, wouldn't that feel nice?

hot dinner with the candlelight

and really when it gets down to it, pick a man that's down to fight"

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Andy disse...



Ruca! disse...

tb ouvi esse som na radar e achei curiosa a letra.

diz-te alguma coisa, é? :P


Mokas disse...


Paula disse...

Oh yeah!